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Capture Growth With Baskets Of Biotechs: LifeSci Advisors' Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald believes investors fundamentally underestimate the risk of investing in companies with drugs in development. To address the inherent hazards, McDonald cofounded LifeSci Advisors, which creates exchange-traded funds to limit risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, McDonald describes how funds can be designed to grow on product sales and data generated via milestones in clinical development, and also names four companies he has included in two portfolios.

The Life Sciences Report: What is it about December and January that traditionally makes investors more bullish on biotech?

Andrew McDonald: Both the annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference and the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco are big industry events that kick off the year. A lot of enthusiasm came out of the JPMorgan conference, with announcements from larger market-cap companies that tend to get investors excited about the upcoming year's revenues, earnings and new product watches. At… Read More …