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Deadmau5 Cabs Toronto Locals for ÜberX in His McLaren 650S

Making auto headlines last week after Nissan cheerfully responded to Ferrari’s “cease and desist” letter he posted on Twitter, Deadmau5 decided to register as an official ÜberX driver (the cheapest of services), and get this, he actually went through with it. The Canadian producer/DJ drove a few lucky passengers around the city of Toronto Wednesday night in his crisp white McLaren 650S supercar – his new Ferrari replacement. When asked what made him do it, he responded simply with “sh*ts and giggles.” After his cab tour however, Deadmau5 tweeted “lol, well that was fun… gunna keep the app handy… never know when i get bored n might wanna go out for a spin. thanks @Uber_TOR.” For those in Toronto, be sure to check your ÜberX app for a chance to see the inside of Deadmau5′s McLaren, or whatever else he decides to take out for a spin.