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Hainan Airlines to buy 30 Boeing 787-9 jets, worth $7.7 billion

Hainan Airlines Co Ltd announced it plans to buy 30 Boeing Co b787-9 jets as it works to expand international routes to tap into the high demand for overseas flights from China. The order is worth $7.7 billion and is the largest order for the jet this year.

Chinese consumers are increasingly looking beyong their boards for trips. Chinese travels took over 100 million flights overseas in 2014. The airline has added two long haul routes to North America and Western Europe in 2014 and plans to open more major international routes this year. Net profit for the firm jumped 20% in 2014 to $417 million.

Cai Zhiquan, a brand manager for the airlines said, “We’ll be flying from major hubs in China to second or third tier cities overseas,” he also mentioned “ At the same time, we’ll also open up more routes from inland Chinese cities to major hub cities elsewhere.”