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Here are our f-----g earnings: Swearing in conference calls

Corporate managers are usually known for their stuffy professionalism, but every once in a while C-suite executives like to let loose with some profanity.

Analysts and investors listening in to the latest round of earnings calls may have heard wildcatter and Halcon Resources CEO Floyd Wilson describe his company's properties with colorful language or CBS's Leslie Moonves curse at Fox for its great World Series ratings. Profanity usage seems to be up this year from 2014 or 2015, but is still down from earlier in the decade, according to an analysis of Seeking Alpha transcripts by CNBC.

The most common uncouth word to show up in conference calls over the last 10 years was "damn," as in "pretty damn profitable." Words like "a--" and "s---" also showed up hundreds of times across more than 100,000 transcripts in both positive and negative contexts ( as in "we kicked a--!").

Using a fairly wide definition of profanity that includes most words that are frowned upon in polite society, it's clear that a small number of companies are responsible for a good portion of foul language in conference calls. These include Cypress Semiconductor, Titan International, Scotts...