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National CineMedia: Attractive Dividend Stock With Upside Potential

One simple theme investors can take advantage of during 2015 is the strong movie box office. Year-to-date, the domestic box office is up 4.0% over 2014. This comparison will only get stronger as a number of blockbusters are slated to be released throughout the rest of the year. Theaters will be able to take advantage of not only a strong movie line-up but also a brilliant release strategy that avoids releasing blockbusters on top of each other. This allows theaters to capitalize on each movie release without burdening movie-goers with deciding which film to go see and which one to wait for. The already strong start to 2015 has benefited movie theater operators tremendously and their stock prices prove this. YTD all movie theater stocks have performed well, with AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE:AMC), Carmike Cinemas (NASDAQ:CKEC) and Cinemark Holdings (NYSE:CNK) up 35%, 28% and 26%, respectively. One related stock that I've been researching is National CineMedia (NASDAQ:NCMI). Read more