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Major owner of SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. just picked up 200 shares

Fisher Jurvetson Draper, a major owner of SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd., recently acquired 200 shares of the company. The buys took place at $0.00 per share, on dates ranging from April 06 to April 07, 2016. Draper now owns 200 shares of the company. Draper operates out of Menlo Park, CA. Some additional info was provided as follows:

Represents the conversion of Class B Common Stock into Class A Common Stock held by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund VIII, L.P. (Fund VIII). The General Partner of Draper Associates, L.P. (DALP) is Draper Associates, Inc. which is controlled by its President and majority shareholder, Timothy C. Draper. DALP invests lockstep alongside Fund VIII and Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund IX, L.P. (Fund IX). Timothy C. Draper, John H.N. Fisher and Steph en T. Jurvetson are managing directors of the general partner entities of Fund VIII and Fund IX that directly hold shares and as such they may be deemed to have voting and investment power with respect to such shares. Draper Fisher Jurvetson Partners VIII, LLC (Partners VIII) invests lockstep alongside Fund VIII. Draper Fisher Jurvetson Partners IX, LLC (Partners IX) invests lockstep alongside Fund IX. The managing members of Partners VIII and...