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Microsoft Gets A New Secret Nvidia GPU For The Surface Book

Microsoft’s pricey Surface Book Windows 10 laptop will have variants that will have a discreet Nvidia graphics accelerator card.

Nvidia and Microsoft are teasing us it is a new unreleased mobile GeForce GPU especially made for the thin-body design of the Surface Pro.

Whatever GPU it is, Nvidia has a small tailwind from Microsoft’s ambitious attempt to become a first-time high-end laptop vendor.

I already have great love for Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) new Surface Book laptop. It is a cheaper but more powerful alternative to the MacBook Pro for graphic design purposes. Aside from its energy-efficient Skylake Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) CPU and integrated Intel HD 520 GPU, I'm intrigued with the secret discreet Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) discreet GPU that Microsoft hinted about its upcoming equalizer to the MacBook Pro.

The Surface Book, like the Surface Pro 4, are obviously aimed for enterprise employees. However, the teaser about a secret new Nvidia notebook GPU hints Microsoft wants to compete in the lucrative high-end laptop gaming industry.

Furthermore, a discreet GPU is understandable, since the $2,699 price tag of the highest configuration of the Surface Book is only reasonably sellable if it comes with a decent discreet GPU.

It is no secret that all graphics design industry-standard software like Photoshop CC and AutoCAD now rely on GPU acceleration to further accelerate their performance. Microsoft would not impress professionals if it only sells the $2,699 Surface Book bundled with a weakling integrated Intel HD...