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The Coca-Cola's (KO) Management Discusses on Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & Retail - Call Transcript

Dara Mohsenian - Morgan Stanley

I am Dara Mohsenian, Morgan Stanley's Beverage and Household Products Analyst. We’re very excited to have Coca-Cola with us here today including Kathy Waller, KO’s CFO; and Sandy Douglas, President of Coca-Cola North America. The company has responded to global macro challenges with a number of actions under Muhtar and Kathy’s leadership, including a high focus on productivity, greater pricing in developed markets, and utilizing higher marketing to drive market share as well as accelerating bottler refranchising efforts. And North America really serves as a key example of how those changes can drive improving results and we’re particularly excited to have Sandy here today.

So I’m going to turn things over to Kathy to start with. Thanks for coming guys.

Kathy Waller - Chief Financial Officer

Well, thank you, Dara, and good morning everyone. It’s a pleasure to be here today. And if I can begin with asking you to take a look – take a moment to review our forward-looking statements. So as Dara said today, I’m joined by Sandy Douglas, President of North America Operations. So I’m going to start...