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Finest MLPs In February: 25.34% Yield; 83.67% Upside; 97.1% Net Gain!

Fifty For the Money

Since the fall of 2011, a series of Arnold reports has applied dividend dog methodology to uncover possible buy opportunities in each of eight major market sectors listed by Yahoo Finance. Reader suggestions inspired our first dividend dog analysis of the Master Limited Partnership ((MLP)) field after August 2014. This article follows up. describes the field thus:

"Master Limited Partnerships... trade on securities markets like normal stocks. MLPs are not subject to income tax, and shareholders in MLPs are actually "limited partners" in company.

"A special tax designation allows MLPs to pass the tax burden onto their shareholders [by paying] the vast majority of their earnings out to their partners, similar to REITs."

This article was written to reveal bargain stocks to buy and hold perhaps up to one full year. See the Dow 30 article for explanation of the term "dogs" for… Read More …