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Интересное письмецо сегодня получил от ливийской девушки. Текст письма приведен ниже. Для тех кто в английском не силен, вкратце перевожу.  

В общем деваха пишет, что ее отца убили, но она убежала, однако папанька  у ней оказался очень продуманным  и  где-то в Европейском банке заныкал  8.5 млн долларов.  Но вот незадача - получить она их не может, нету денег у бедняжки из лагеря беженцев выехать, да и хворает чем-то :)) Просит помочь за 20% от папкиного капитала:))

Желающие помочь есть??? :))



First, I must apologize for disturbing you with my letter but your interest to this letter will bring no regret to you. I am from Libya and my name is Aisha Hosni, I am 20years of age and the daughter of Dr. Ibrahim Hosni now dead. My father was the director of the oil and Gas refinery in Tripoli - Libya now dead. As you may have read or heard from any international News regarding the political unrest in my country Libya, I shouldn’t have done this but due to the circumstances surrounding me I decided to do this. I am sorry for my poor English, I am not fluent in English speaking because I just gained admission into the university to read English and International Relation. My father has been the Director of the Tripoli Oil and Gas refinery in Libya for the past few years but he resigned from office because of the Anti Government and Pro Government Protest in Libya which occurred recently and his resignation led to his death. My father died because he resigned following the Libyan people's protest that Presi

I was in my School on the 20th of February 2011 and I got this sad news that my entire family have been Killed living only me alive because of my absence in the house at that particular hour when the killing took place. Reports said that some group of assassins came to our house and performed the killings with no traces till date. When I heard this sad news, I managed to escape from my school with the help of an elderly woman who smuggled me in a chattered flight that was sent to rescue Ghanaians working in Libya. I left my country because I could be the next target since my family has been killed by unknown men which everybody suspects must be the handwork of defiant President Muammar Gaddafi. I am presently in Republic of Ghana seeking asylum in one of their refugee camps.

Since my few weeks here in Ghana in the refugee camp, I have suffered lots and have contracted some airborne diseases because of lack of amenities. Because of this unhealthy environment and the need for your assistance to relocate me to your country, I have decided to confide in you to let you know this huge secret. When my father was alive and when I was 18years of age, my father made a fund deposit of US$8.5 Million (Eight Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) with a Security and Finance Institution in oversea country Two Years Ago (one of the European country) which I will tell you when I receive your note of interest to help me. This fund deposit was made in my name as the beneficiary to the fund. Because of the problems going on in my country Libya now, everybody is scared living in Libya. People are dying everyday and houses are being destroyed so everybody is trying to find a way to go out of the country.

 I will not say much for now because we do not know each other and there is no trust between us at the moment but in accordance to your helping me, I have concluded to compensate you with 20% of the total sum after you have successfully claim the deposit fund and also you will assist me to manage the money in a good business and secure my visa to your country. I will stay under you as your child and you will be my Guardian for the rest of my life since I have no other parent to call mine. I will not write much for now because this is my first email message to you, I will wait to hear from you then I will give you more information about this matter. Thank for reading my message and your kind understanding while waiting for your favorable response to my email.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Aisha Hosni