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Working 24/7 may be macho, but it’s not productive

In the 1980s, professional men worked 10 hours a week less than they do today. In that same decade, women proved they could succeed in what was previously thought to be men’s territory. But new headwinds blew in: The Internet, globalization and unrelenting competition upped the ante. Hours extended. Today, women make up 60% of all college graduates, compete fiercely for entry- level jobs and do great midway up the ladder. Yet, women hold less than 15% of the top jobs in the Fortune 500 and most professions. A generation of women who’d gone to college planning to compete head-on with their brothers had kids… and cried “uncle.” Many opted out of great jobs..............................http://www.marketwatch.com/story/working-247-may-be-macho-but-its-not-productive-2013-10-29