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US Air Power Not Stopping ISIS Expansion

Trying to wipe out the ISIS is like trying to pop a balloon full of water. No matter how hard you squeeze it, the water just flows into the rest of the balloon and never builds up enough pressure to break the tough rubber. The U.S. and its allies can bomb various ISIS positions and supplies depots into rubble, and even prevent IS from advancing in key positions with help from some reasonably competent "boots on the ground", but air power alone cannot stop IS from advancing in other areas nor prevent the thousands of new recruits that are streaming in from across the globe to join the militant organization.

According to an August 6th article the Voice of America, the more than a year long international military campaign against the Islamic State has slowed the group down considerably, but has only had quite limited success in actually stopping the growth of ISIL.

ISIS is flexible and resilient

U.S. and allied forces have hammered ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria for almost 13 months now, and have unquestionably degraded the group's military capabilities across the board. According to U.S. estimates as of the end of July, allied forces had killed or wounded close to 15,000 Islamic State fighters. At least 116 tanks and 336 Humvee armored personnel carriers have...