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WhoTrades Public Chat: New Way Of Traders' Communication

Hi Traders,

Ahead of Independence Day we want to share one more significant update that we implemented on WhoTrades a few days ago. You may have already noticed we added a convenient Chat where you can talk to other traders and discuss some actionable trading ideas. In addition to that, we added a Public Chat group that you can find on top of your Contact List:

There are some important advantages of having this public chat:

  • only real action and real people chatting about stocks they actually trade;
  • you can share or get a valuable advice, find some interesting trading ideas;
  • at any time you can go to the private chat with any group member and discuss some ideas separately;
  • clear and easy way of communication.

This format is what we all get used to, we implemented this feature to make communication easier and more convenient. We keep working hard on some new updates, so subscribe to our updates and stay tuned!