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Intel's Mac Business Will Thrive In Spite Of The A9X Processor/iPad Pro

Tim Cook is wrong to say the new iPad Pro could replace PCs.

The incompatibility of the iPad Pro with x86 Mac-only productivity software says Intel will continue to enjoy long-term benefits from sales of Mac computers.

Any x86 Intel processor that can run different operating systems and software, will continue to be more useful/versatile than ARM-based chips like the A9X.

With all due respect, I strongly disagree with the claim of Timothy Arcuri (analyst from Cowen and Company) that the A9X processor Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) uses on the iPad Pro is a threat to Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). Arcuri's argument that the A9X has better benchmark scores than the Intel Core M used in the MacBook is not evidence that Intel's Mac business is threatened.

Arcuri's speculation is important because the Mac division now generates more revenue for Apple than the iPad division. Any suggestion of Apple abandoning Intel-made processors for its Mac computers deserves to be quashed immediately.

Investors and analysts should understand that the impressive CPU/GPU benchmark scores of the A9X are useless for business/professional users who rely on x86-only Mac software. Arcuri conveniently forgot that even the Office 365 for the iOS platform is a greatly watered-down version. It doesn't even offer 30% of the features found inside Office for Mac.

My point is that ARM-based processors are at a great disadvantage because they cannot offer the same desktop PC-level productivity. This is because the codes used in CISC (Complex Instruction Set of Computers) x86-based productivity software (like Office for Mac 2016 and Photoshop) are difficult to re-compile or translate to run on...