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UPS Earnings Paint A Pretty Picture Of The Global Economy

UPS (UPS) investors and customers alike will remember with a shudder the issues that the sprawling transportation and logistics company faced during the winter of 2013, when many packages were delayed significantly leading to a public uproar. To remedy the situation, the company has and continues to invest heavily in its distribution networks and IT solutions. This has eaten into the bottom line for Q4 earnings. However, the company is seeing very strong shipment growth, and is projecting solid earnings growth for the coming years, both of which signal strength in the US and global economy.

Investing in the future

The embarrassment surrounding the company's inability to meet customer demand in 2013 led UPS to embark on a series of improvements to its distribution network, and for the last holiday season there were no meaningful disruptions. This is of course crucial for a company which is looking to cash in… Read More …