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Tips on how to save money

A lot of people have troubles saving money, some of them blame our everchanging economy, others their income, but it isn't always so...

People often don't realise simple, rational ways of saving money which, with little practice, can help them boasten their "pocket money".

Hopefully , these will help you:

1.Save your loose change

Yeah, those things rattling in your pocket! People often think of loose change as non-essential, they don't have any idea how much money is laying around the house.

You can put loose change in a jar, and over time it will accumulate into a nice sum!

Bear in mind , take the money from the jar only when you need it!

2.Make shopping lists

This one is a no-brainer, when buying groceries, take only the ones you need, too keep track, you can make lists. You can buy one or two items that are not on the said list, but try not to lose control while on your "shopping spree". When picking up an item use the "Ten second rule" , ask yourself WHY are you buying said item and whether or not you really need it.

3.Beware the sales!

Imagine this , you are walking through your supermarket, Home Depot or something else , and you see an item with a discount. You know that you don't really need said item, but you buy it anyway, just because it is cheaper now and it is only a "one time deal".

Congratulations! You just spent some of your hard earned money on something trivial!

Self control is the key to this step.

4.Reduce your energy usage

This is a very simple step, use common sense, there is no need to turn on the A/C if opening a window will sufice. When you are done watching the TV , turn it off! Also, if you have desktop computers, don't put them into "Sleep" mode, even then , they use electricity.

5.Try quitting smoking

I do realise that one can't simply quit smoking, some people struggle with it their whole life and don't succeed. Try to motivate yourself, know your priorities. Even if you can't ( or won't ) quit smoking, try to smoke less, smoke one pack a week (it sounds crazy , I know) , divide the number of cigarettes for each day and keep track of the amount you already smoked.

6.Use cheaper forms of transportation

Gas has become a big expense in our lives, driving to work, the shop or to school everyday can put a strain on your budget. A lot of people overlook the alternatives, you can use public transportation , walk (depends how long it takes) or even use a bike which can be more useful in rush hour , AND it makes you more fit.

7.Bring your own lunch

Whether you are in school or at work, bring your own food. Buying lunch at the cafeteria is often expensive and buying lunch every day isn't worth it financially. Bring leftovers from your dinner or make something before, there are tons of quick and easy recipes on the internet , one must only look.