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The Latest "Most Critical" Eurogroup Meeting Begins - Live Feed

With "common ground" appearing to be a long lost hope, Eurogroup members have been arriving in Brussels for the latest installment of the EU-Greece showdown. Notably, ECB President Mario Draghi is in attendance this time. With Germany staunchly anti-change and France appearing to soften their stance a little, the cracks are beginning to show as EU leaders - as they arrived - were anything but optimistic of a solution being reached anytime soon.


Live Feed:


The arrivals were not all on the same page...

EU's Moscovici: Go to deal sympathetically with Greece...

Germany's Schaeuble: I'm not optimistic about agreement today. As the Greek government does not want a program, I have to think of options. From September wait for Greece. The Greek program must be completed.

Austria's Hans Jörg Schelling: Greece can not have new terms in the current program

Spain's  De Guindos: "Our red line is that the Greek loans to be repaid, the possibility Grexit in no case on the table."


France's Sapin: In favor of extending the current Greek program and not a new one. "hopeful"

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But apart from that... good luck.

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