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AAPL cracks 90; let's monitor 85

The fear of peak Apple has pressured its stock price since mid-2015. The latest earnings report put AAPL south of 100 again. It looks like this latest drive carried a bit more momentum as price broke below a common support at 92. As we can see in the daily chart, it has also cracked the 90 handle. 

AAPL 5/16 Daily Chart

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I think we should not be bearish on AAPL yet outside of the short-term where we should anticipate some further extension downwards. 
1) AAPL has tons of cash and should be able to pivot. Therefore, I think AAPL should be considered neutral in the medium-term, with possibility of turning bullish again in the long-term. 
2) From a technical perspective, the weekly chart shows a bullish trend that has stalled. But we should still respect key support factors such as a rising trendline that might meet the falling share price at around 85.00.

AAPL 5/16 Weekly Chart

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I think if AAPL stalls at 85, and the general market rebounds, we should consider a short to medium-term drive back towards at least 100.