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Lame Excuses Financial Advisors Use For Not Investing In Content Marketing

I read this awesome article on Ember Television and completely agree that Advisers are not taking advantage of content marketing. Got to start thinking outside the box, there are so many creative ways to reach people nowadays. Robin Powell nails it when he describes these six excuses advisors make when deciding to veer away from content marketing. 

The list goes like this:

1. "Traditional advertising channels work best in this industry." The word traditional evolves over time.

2. "Other Advisers aren't investing heavily in content marketing so why should we?" They are investing heavily into it, but majority are not. 

3. "Online Video? most of our clients are too old to watch that."  When I go home for the holidays I love seeing grandparents on their smartphones playing games and watching videos... I guess no one is too old for Candy Crush. 

4. "We focus on high net-worth investors. They're too busy working - or enjoying the fruits of their labours - to spend time on social media." No Comment

5. "But People use social media to socialize, not to buy things or help them make important decisions." Media helps. That's all. 

6. "Ultimately, though potential clients aren't interested in our web presence, they want to see us face to face." - I love their answer that "no one in their right mind is going to choose a financial advisor without meeting them in the flesh" However, Wealthfront, Personal Capital, LearnVest are still successful without much face to face interaction. 85% of people go online to research before making a financial decision.