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Theresa May Pressured To Release Report Detailing Saudi Sponsorship of UK Extremists

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Britain's Labour party has joined with a group of US 9/11 survivors in demanding UK Prime Minister Theresa May release a government report detailing the flow of money from Saudi Arabia into extremist groups in the UK. After several months of heated debate, Home Secretary Amber Reid announced that the study would not be made public "because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons."

The report, commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron, has been in May's possession since late last year - with both the Labour and Green parties repeatedly demanding it's release.

Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas ripped into the Prime Minister - asking "will she explain if her refusal is simply because the contents of the report would embarrass the government's friends in Saudi Arabia? Or is it because ministers care more about arms sales to Riyadh than they do about public safety?"

May shot back, "There is certain confidential information in the reports, which means that it would not be appropriate to publish it," adding that the report could be seen by government officials on a privy basis.


In early July, Lucas questioned the delayed report, stating "To defeat terror it's vital that politicians have full view of the facts, even if they are inconvenient for the government."

There's plenty of evidence of Saudi support for UK extremism. Former Muslim extremist Adam Deen reports in the Huffington Post:

In 2007, Dr Denis MacEoin, an Islamic studies expert at Newcastle who previously taught at the University of Fez, led a team of researchers over a two-year project, uncovering a hoard of malignant literature inside as many as a quarter of Britain’s mosques. All of it had been published and distributed by agencies linked to the government of Saudi Arabia.


Among some of the content found in the material were recommendations to burn, stone, and throw homosexuals from mountains or tall buildings, and inflict the same on those who commit adultery or dare to leave or change their religion.

It is estimated that Saudi spending on religious causes abroad are between $2bn [£960m] and $3bn per year since 1975 (comparing favourably with what was the annual Soviet propaganda budget of $1bn during the cold war), which has been spent on 1,500 mosques, 210 Islamic centres and dozens of Muslim academies and schools.

Arming Terrorists?

Caroline Lucas' comments on arms sales to Saudi Arabia reference the £5.6 billion in weapons sold between 2010 and 2016 - a period in which Hillary Clinton sent a 2014 email to John Podesta revealing that Saudi Arabia has provided "clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region."

Of note, the majority of the UK's estimated 3 million Muslims are Sunni - including a reported 23,000 'jihadist extremists' according to a recent report by the Times of London.

Pandering to Islam

May's decision to withhold the report is viewed by some as part of wide scale government efforts to normalize and defend Islam in the UK, given the religion's growing population which has doubled in size since 2001. Under current British rule, criticism of negative Islamic values are considered hate speech, and Muslim criminals claiming cultural ignorance are often granted extraordinary leniancy when compared to native citizens.

Blurred lines between extremes

The definition of "extremism" varies greatly. Some consider UK Muslims' zero tolerance for homosexuals extreme, while most people outside the Islamic faith find the the 11,000 reported Quran-sanctioned honor crimes within the UK from 2010-2014 extreme - crimes which often consist of abductions, beatings, and murders inflicted upon women over perceived embarassment they have caused their family's reputation. Then there's the Muslim community's acceptance of 'extreme' acts, which varies by region.

"Unfortunately they [the figures] do not show the real extent of the problem. So many crimes are unreported because the perpetrators are often the victim's own family.


"We need a national strategy for all agencies - including police forces, courts, and schools - to be trained and to work together to end this problem." -Diana Nammi, Director Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organization

Does Saudi funding of extremism extend to hate-preaching Imams such as open ISIS supporter Anjem Choudary currently serving a five year, six month prison sentence? Absolutely - as evidenced by the MacEoin study. Moreover, Islam in the UK is becoming more hard-line as time goes on. As The Spectator detailed in 2014: "Islam in Britain is dominated by a very specific, and rather illiberal, version of the faith — one that, if anything, seems to be becoming more conservative over time."

If the government report Theresa May is withholding reveals that that Saudi Arabia has been providing "clandestine and logistic support" to Islamic extremist groups operating within the UK, the implications will be far reaching - especially when one ponders the Gulf nation's recently acquired seat on the UN Human Rights Council, and their March commitment to help eradicate ISIS alongside Israel and the United States.

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