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The Necessity of Diversity to Understanding Truth

In SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #2, we discuss The Necessity of Diversity to Understanding Truth. Without realizing it, many of us lead remarkably non-diverse lives. We go to work and socialize with the same people in our office after work. If we socialize with people outside our office, often it is with people still in our industry that think like us. We go to dinner with people of the same socioeconomic status and remarkably shut out socializing with people that are from different economic means as us because we believe they have nothing to teach us. We socialize with people of the same nationality and never learn that people from other countries may have markedly different views of the world than our own. And if socialize with people of different religions, we have been taught that religion is a taboo subject so we never really learn anything about any other religion outside of our own. Human nature draws people to others that look like us and think like us yet such behavior ensures that we all remain unthinking robots and never learn the real nature of finance, religion, mathematics, science, astronomy, history and a myriad of other subject matters.


Diversity and the divergent thinking that arises from diverse perspectives are the most important teachers of critical thinking, and critical thinking, in turn, is the most important teacher of realizing the truth about almost all matters in life. We should all make a concerted effort to embrace as much diversity as possible in all facets of our lives. If anything, embracing diversity in our lives will steer us towards a process that provides us a much greater chance of uncovering the truth from the mountains of propaganda spewed by the mainstream media. The fact that the mainstream media is fraught with much more propaganda than truth is not a new concept, as Noam Chomsky discussed this topic at great length in his seminal book Manufacturing Consent more than a decade ago. However, today, diversity in our way of thinking is absolutely necessary to understanding truth, as things often are not what they appear to be. For example, is Syriza really fighting for the Greek citizens against the bankers, or are they a George Soros funded front to fool the people once again? The truth behind questions like this is often buried under mountains of propaganda and the only way to have a chance at arriving at the truth is to embrace as many possible perspectives as possible.

In our second podcast, we discuss why diversity in our lives is absolutely necessity to understanding truth.


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About the author: JS Kim is the Founder & Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent research, consulting, and education firm dedicated to helping Main Stream conquer the fraud of Wall Street through the pursuit of strategies designed to counter and neutralize the imbedded criminality of global banking today.