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Daily briefing: Alphabet profits hit, Sadiq Khan 14 months on, India’s ‘beef lynchings’

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Alphabet’s profits had their worst year-on-year fall since the 2008 financial crisis. The parent company of Google reported its income fell more than a quarter after it was hit by the European Commission with a $2.7bn fine for abusing market dominance. However, the company’s earnings still narrowly beat Wall Street’s forecasts and added to its cash pile despite the antitrust fine. Shares slipped in after-hours trading after its cost-per-click number fell 23 per cent, more than the 15 per cent drop analysts expected.

But Alphabet executives were forced to defend the way other businesses in its portfolio, such as YouTube, Maps and Android, are bundled together, as analysts quizzed them on the impact of the record-breaking fine. The FT’s Lex column said Alphabet’s sangfroid tone would be justified if the penalty were an isolated event. “Yet it is not an isolated event,” Lex said. “Rather than a one-off, Alphabet’s future earnings are almost certain to be hit by periodic penalties from competition authorities.” (FT, Reuters, CNBC)

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Kushner has ‘nothing to hide’
Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and top White House aide, denied colluding with Moscow as he sought to explain his meetings with Russian officials as part of the FBI investigation that is engulfing President Donald Trump’s administration. Here’s why Mr Kushner is a central piece in the Trump-Russia puzzle, and conservative writer Jennifer Rubin on how he is, at the very least, in over his head. (FT, WaPo)

Brexit is not shrinking your Toblerone
The Office for National Statistics said that the phenomenon of “shrinkflation” — when a product shrinks while the price stays the same — has not become more widespread since last June’s vote. In the past five years, 2,529 products shrank, including 550 between July 2016 and June...