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How lucrative is ransomware exactly? About $195,000 a month lucrative

There’s a very obvious reason why ransomware, a form of malware that locks a victim’s files until they pay a ransom in bitcoin, is extremely popular: its operators make ridiculous amounts of money even if very few of their victims shell out the digital cash.

But how much money exactly? According to a new report, one of the world’s most popular ransomware campaigns at the moment made $195,000 in the span of one single month, thanks to 161 affiliate campaigns infecting 150,000 victims.

The ransomware in question is called Cerber. Its author or authors set it up so that they would to earn 40 percent of the total profits, with the rest given to the affiliates. Considering that, Cerber’s creators made $78,000 last July, according to the security firm Check Point, which published the report on Tuesday.

Apparently some people have never heard of antivirus programs. It will clean it right up. Company I work for has been hit a few times by Crypto. Of course, we use Endpoint, so it may not be a good example.

I just wish they’d let me install chrome and unblock on our machines instead of IE, but we can’t because of our shiatty software vendors.