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Samsung Will Introduce Watch/Phone Next Month

Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) will be introducing a wristwatch named, Galaxy Gear in September, the watch will be able to make phone calls, surf the web, and handle emails. 

The watch will be powered by Google's (NYSE:GOOG) Android operating system and go on sale this year just in time to hit markets before Apple's (NYSE:APPL) iWatch. The watch is set to make its public debut on September 4th, the same week as the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. 

With the smartphone market becoming saturated, tech companies like Samsung, Apple, and Sony are moving towards wearable technology, I guess they are all betting that's where consumers are going to move their interest, but if you have seen how nerdy and silly people look with those google glasses can you imagine how foolish we will all look in two years when we are screaming into our wrists "Hello! Can you hear me now!?"