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Alberta Oilsands Update

Alberta Oil Sands (AOSDF) has a market cap less than 50% of the value of the cash that the company expects to receive as reimbursement from the Province of Alberta for cancelled oil sand leases.

AOS is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and is thinly traded. AOS also trades over the counter with ticker AOSDF.

This article is an update to my initial write-up of Dec 2013. AOS has not given a time frame for the completion of the reimbursement process. The audit continues and I believe a resolution could come at any time. But, interest is accruing and the amount of the reimbursement has increased by roughly $2 mm since AOS filed its application. In addition, AOS announced in December 2014 a strategic review and reclamation work on the Clearwater leases.

Previously AOS was progressing its Clearwater SAGD oil sand project in addition to a collection of exploration… Read More …