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How Many Government Workers Does It Take To Send A "Presidential" Tweet?

Putting the 'over' back in Big Government...  

As The New York Times reports,

 The president seldom posts his own tweets, leaving the task instead to Obama’s Office of Digital Strategy, a team of roughly 20 aides who spend their days managing his Twitter account and the White House Facebook page, Instagram account and YouTube channel.

The Washington Post adds,

The new [digital] strategy offers benefits as well as risks. The White House can reach more people without the filter of the traditional media, target its audience with precision and receive almost immediate feedback. But the approach raises the prospect of fostering further political polarization if the president opts to communicate mostly with parts of the electorate that identify with him ideologically or can be helpful politically.


Critics worry that governance by social media will cheapen the power of the presidency by substituting hashtag activism for serious policymaking. And in these exceptionally partisan times, some see the president’s prodigious use of social media as just another example of the cozy political relationship between the political left and Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

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