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Investors Have No Choice But To Own Gold After This Latest McKinsey Chart

There is a stunning chart that all gold investors need to see and understand that was recently released by McKinsey Global Institute - it covers the latest update on the worldwide debt situation.

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Source: McKinsey Global Institute

There are two main things that investors should take away here. First, the world is not deleveraging as global debt loads have grown $57 trillion dollars over the last seven years to $199 trillion dollars - that is a huge amount of debt. To put that into perspective, the total market capitalization of the whole S&P 500 is around $20 trillion dollars; so every two and half years the world is taking on the equivalent of every single S&P 500 company in NEW debt!

Taking on new debt by itself isn't necessarily unsustainable if productivity and growth are increasing at a faster rate than the debt load. That is… Read More …