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Trump Thanks Putin for Expelling 750 Diplomats; Former CIA Official Says Deep State 'Will Kill' Him

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In this day and age, calling for the death of the President is a totally legitimate form of public discourse.

Here's the set up.

Trump was asked about Putin expelling 750 America diplomats, which he replied, jokingly, thanking the Russian leader for helping him trim payroll expenses. Inappropriate? Maybe. More Trumpism.

Enter Phil Mudd, ex-deputy director ofthe CIA's Counterterrorist Center and the FBI's National Security Branch, who casually said the 'deep state', aka permanent government agents who've been on the job for 20-30 years, would 'kill this guy', referring to the President.

Jake Tapper tried to help Mudd walk back the comments. But as you saw, Mudd meant what he said and had no discernible reason to use those words in that context other than calling for the assassination of the President.