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Monday Challenges

Investors are having a tough time of things today. There are three issues that have eclipsed the firming of expectations for a mid-year Fed hike. Greece's Tsipras remained committed to his campaign promises in a speech to parliament which keeps in on loggerheads with the Europe.

The confrontation with Russia over Ukraine is at a crossroads. If a deal is not worked out later the week, there may be serious escalation as some in the US, over European objections, send weapons to Ukraine. Both these issues will likely be discussed today when Obama and Merkel meet. A press conference is expected a little before midday on the East Coast.

The third issue is China's trade balance. The surplus ballooned to $60 bln, a 20% surge from December. However, the critical point is that this surge was a function of a decline in both imports and exports. Imports slumped by almost… Read More …