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Generic or brand name? That's a question that many ask themselves when it's time to purchase goods of all sorts. It can be difficult to make the right choice when it comes to such matters: some products should only be purchased by brand name and others don't need to be. How then, can you go about to make the right decision?

1) ELECTRONICS: These can be a bit pricey but worth the investment if acquired by brand name unless you are knowledgeable of l name brands that are high quality. It's obviously vital to own electronic devices that function correctly and are safe to use: you don't want your microwave to explode with the food that you put in it.

2) CLOTHES: Some items are better off purchased by brand name when it comes to certain fabrics and textures such as denim, silk, velvet etc.. Other generic brand clothing accessories can last quite a long time: socks, some cotton shirts etc...The trick is that one has to try and test these items in order to find out which ones are worth being bought by brand name and which ones aren't.

3) PERISHABLE GOODS: This is completely up to the consumer since we all have particular preferences especially when it comes to our taste buds. The way I decide how to shop by brand when it comes to food is that I compare the same product of both brands: you can for example purchase a name brand cereal and a generic one to let your taste buds discover the difference between them if any.

Knowing what products you can buy by generic brand name can make a big difference in your wallet so don't hesitate to give them a try!