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Obama spokesman who promised to confront corporate interests is now McDonald’s spokesman

He’s taking the fight to the corporation from the INSIDE! (NYSE: MCD)

“What we need is somebody who will take charge of Washington, kick the lobbyists and the special interests out,” Gibbs said during a September 7, 2008 CNN appearance.

“We have watched the crony capitalism and the lobbyists take hold on Wall Street and in Washington,” he complained on the same channel 10 days later.

People shouldn’t be hounded by the media for trying to make a living? People shouldn’t be hounded by the media for trying to make a living.

republicans: “obama is the liberalest, socialistest, communistest president who ever presidented!”

republicans: “obama is a tool of wall street corporate interests! see, even his former spokesman is working for a mega-corporation!”

cognitive dissonance: holding contradictory beliefs or ideas – also known as republican oxygen.

It is always nice when government officials, with lots of white house contacts, land on their feet.