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A Key Inflection Point For Vuzix And The Smart Glasses Industry


The commercial market for smart glasses is expected to grow from 400,000 users in the United States to 14.4 million by 2025.

Vuzix Corp. is a leading player in this industry and is a portfolio holding of the top tier hedge fund Akanthos Capital.

While the growth potential is appealing, we must be clear that this is still not a low-risk investment opportunity.

Smart Glasses - On The Verge Of A Takeoff?

While perusing the portfolio of Michael Kao's Akanthos Capital, I noticed that he owned Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ:VUZI). Being vaguely aware of the company and wanting to expand my limitations, I set out to try and reverse engineer why Kao might own it.

What I found was a business that appears to be on the cusp of major growth on the back of a new product launch. That product being the M300 which is the company's next generation of smart glasses.

Source: Vuzix Corporate Presentation

My only familiarity with smart glasses has been through the Google version which was aimed at consumers. It hadn't really occurred to me the scale of the commercial uses for the product. I don't know why that hadn't dawned on me, it shouldn't have been a leap to see the possibilities.

The Vuzix corporate presentation details a few of them.

Source: Vuzix Corporate Presentation

I'm going to briefly detail a number of the uses of smart glasses because seeing them was what really helped my grasp how big this opportunity is likely to be.

Then I will do my best to break down the eye wear's actual capabilities.

Commercial Use - Remote Support

Remote support allows customers and field technicians to diagnose and resolve technical and mechanical problems with remote assistance from service providers and experts.

Source: Vuzix

Commercial Use - Warehouse Logistics

Hands-free augmented reality solutions allows warehouse pickers to finish tasks more quickly and efficiently while reducing mistakes. Smart glasses improve the process of manual order picking, incoming/outgoing goods, sorting and packing of goods, as well as inventory and deficiencies.

Commercial Use - Tele-Medicine

Tele-medicine applications with smart glasses are perfect for healthcare organizations working with busy EDs, remote clinics, or in the home use. The smart glasses enables onsite clinicians to connect with remote providers anywhere with partners enabling streaming quality video/audio through smart glasses and tablets.

Source: Eliezerganon

Commercial Use - Utility / Field Service

Smart glasses can improve field service by empowering field technicians to diagnose and resolve mechanical problems with online data and manuals, as well as remote assistance from senior/expert colleagues.

Commercial Use - Manufacturing

Smart glasses are used to enhance the manufacturing process. Smart glasses provide faster ramp-ups, improved quality and...