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Media Watch: Stock Market Passion

Opinions are swinging wildly around the world with market watchers. LOOK at this stuff off of a Yahoo report:

TheWorldHasGoneMad 22 hours ago  

I really find all the "Those who betted against America are losing out" and "Go Obama!" comments to be laughable. We have a triple digit gain on a day that reported nearly 1% decline in retail sales (and it's not from lower gas prices, gas prices "fell" a few months ago and stabilized) and a jobless claim that came in at 304,000, 25,000 higher than the previous moth and 17,000 higher than expected. Before QE and six years of 0% interest rates, data like that would send the markets lower, now it sends it higher. If anything, those betting against America are the ones all in on these Fed controlled markets.

Ah yet so many still refuse to accept the simple truth staring them right in the face. It's all about the Feds and has been about the Feds for the past 6 years. How else do you explain nearly a 1000 drop in the Dow a week after Yellen's comments sound like an interest rates increase may be coming soon, then rise 1000 points a week after bad economic data gets investors speculating that the Feds won't raise rates? Especially after they put off their own deadlines and changes their own conditions for raising them, as well as when to stop QE, so many times?

Oh, and speaking of which, anyone else see that the Fed's balance sheets had a 180 billion dollar increase in their securities holdings in just two months even though QE is suppose to be over?


Respvblica 22 hours ago 0 0

Apple smartly exploits american preoccupation with convenience at any cost (which is called dumbness) though products are average and overpriced, while in other countries it became symbol of status, as going to McDonald's to eat, since it's american thing. Don't see that convenience in electric cars, unless they can have infinite live batteries and self recharge from sitting in the sun...