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AT&T Inc. Will Pay $100 Million In Settlement Over Fake Charges TO Customers

AT&T Inc. will payout $105 million in a settlement over allegations that the phone company put unauthorized charges on customers' cell phone bills, also known as cramming, according to federal regulators. The deal comes after years of complaints from customers over charged services such as daily horoscopes or trivia games they never requested. The deal was negotiated between the Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Communications Commission and all state attorneys general. The phone company will pay out $80 million customers in the form of a refund and the other $20 million is be paid out for penalties and fees for all 50 states and Washington.Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler said, "What's shocking to me, as I thought about this particular settlement, is that we're taking about reputable companies like AT&T and others. This isn't you know, Phil's Phone Shack that's doing this."