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Latest iPhone 7 Rumors Indicate a "Limited Supply" Fifth Color Option

Days before the expected unveiling of the new iPhone 7 and we’re still getting rumors of the highly anticipated device’s internals and specifications. Most notable however, from highly accurate Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities, is that of a fifth color option labeled currently as “Piano Black.” A counterpart to the recently rumored “Space Black” that is said to replace the Space Gray option from the iPhone 5s and up, the glossy finish is said to release with “limited supply” as the material may be difficult to manufacture at first. The rumors Kuo also revealed include the A10 chip speeds, clocking in at 2.4 or 2.45 GHz which may see a bump down due to power consumption. 3GB and 2GB RAM for 7 Plus and 7 devices respectively was also discussed as is a replacement of the proximity sensor with a laser for highly accurate display on/off capabilities.

For more rumors from the Kuo report, visit The Verge and be on the lookout for the official unveiling on September 7.