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200TPD 4300/380 Fourdrinier-wire Corrugated Paper Making Machine

200TPD 4300/380 Fourdrinier-wire and multi -dryer Paper Machine

1. Technical parameters of corrugated paper machine

1.1 Raw material: OCC, virgin pulp

1.2 Output paper: Kraft liner, high strength corrugated medium

1.3 Basis weight: 80—220g/m2

1.4 Trim Width: 4300mm

1.5 Capacity: 204T/D (take 100g/ m2, 330 m/min as example)

1.6 Transmission speed: 380m/min

1.7 Working speed: 160-350m/min

1.8 Dynamic balance speed: ≥500m/min

1.9 Rail space: 5400mm

1.10 Rollers dynamic balance: G2.5

1.11 Cylinders dynamic balance: G4

1.12 Winding roller dynamic balance: G1.6

1.13Floor arrangement: Single layer

1.14 Machine type: Right-hand machine (see from Pope Reel to Wire section)

1.15 Drive form: AC frequency conversion, section drive

1.16 Dryness: Out of wire part: 20-22%

Go into dryer cylinder: 42-45%

Finished paper: 92%

1.17 Concentration: 0.5-0.8%(wire section)

8% (size press)

1.18 Transverse shrinkage (average): 3.5%

1.19 Transverse web moisture deviation (average): ≤±1%

1.20 Transverse web weight deviation (average): ≤±1.5%

2. Paper machine configuration and details:

Configuration:Air-Cushion type Head box—Fourdrinier wire(22m )—1 No Suction pick-up device(φ600)—2 NOs Jumbo press with double felt(φ1350/φ1350)—(1+4) NOs dryer cylinder(φ1500/φ1800)+10 NOs dryer cylinder(φ1800)+10 NOs dryer cylinder(φ1800) +size press(φ1000/φ1005)+12 NOs dryer cylinder(φ1800)—calender(φ750/φ750)—horizontal pope reel—framework rewinder