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Update: Echo Global Logistics 2014 Fourth Quarter And Full-Year Earnings

Echo Global Logistics (ECHO), a technology-enabled transportation provider, reported 2014 fourth quarter and full-year earnings on February 5th. This quarter marked the 21st consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth. Revenue and EPS both grew at a rate in excess of 30%, at 36% and 83% respectively, in the quarter. Full-year growth rates were 33% for revenue and 32% for EPS. More importantly, measured against 2013 year-end results, Echo is executing very well against its own set of targets for 2017 (discussed here).

The goals to be accomplished by 2017 are:

  • Increase revenue to $2.0B (from $884 million)

  • Increase non-GAAP EBITDA to $100 million (from $34 million)

  • Grow TL revenue to 60% of total revenue (from 45%)

  • Have over 335 enterprise clients (from 229)

  • Increase employee sales tenure to 28 months (from 19 months)

Progress in the fourth quarter and full-year provided in the earnings report and on the conferenceRead More …