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Michael Phelps And Investing In The Placebo Effect


Whether or not cupping is effective, the public is curious about it.

New customers to the therapy means that new supplies need to be ordered.

When a new market for anything is created, always invest in the best quality.

As it turns out, the best quality glass company is actually at a pretty low price.

(Image source: CBS Baltimore)

I love the Olympics!

And apparently so does the entire rest of the world. For a brief moment, even the most hardcore non-sports fans come out to cheer for people they'll probably never meet again; as well as athletes who have undoubtedly sacrificed their entire future lives for the chance to be seriously injured in exchange for a gold-plated disc.

However, Michael Phelps is apparently doing it right. Refusing to accept retirement, continuing to win gold medals, even against athletes nearly a decade younger than he is. And he is generating lots of buzz over a controversial therapy he uses: Cupping.

So what is cupping, and why you should care:

It involves the heating of rounded glass "cups" that are then applied to the skin. The heat creates a vacuum inside that sucks the skin away from muscles. So it's pretty much a giant hickey.

Proponents of the therapy claim that it is relaxing, and that it helps relieve the pain of hard training. I asked some people who have tried it to give their opinion against similar therapies like massage, or floatation relaxation. They told me that if given the choice, they would choose cupping.

The therapy is controversial because there are scientific studies that claim it basically does nothing for you.

Well that's very interesting then. But what about making money?

Ok, let's get to the meat of this subject then. I'm not here to make a case for whether it does or does not work. However, what I can say about the service is that it's getting a lot of people to ask about it, which undoubtedly leads to a...