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Miss The Commodity Bottom? There Might Be Time

By Jodie Gunzberg

Worried that maybe you missed the possible bottom of commodities after the S&P GSCI Total Return lost 7.5% in January, posting its sixth-worst January in history since 1970? It's possible there is still time, even after the S&P GSCI TR posted (on February 3, 2015) not only the 35th best day, up 4.13%, in its history since January 6, 1970 (11,370 days ago), but also a 3-day gain of 10.03%. This is only the 5th time in history the index has posted a 3-day gain over 10%.

August 3, 2009 ended the last 3-day period the index gained over 10%, up 10.64%. Also in 2009, January 5th ended the largest 3-day gain of 14.31%. The chart below shows the return following these spikes. Notice there was a 26.7% drop from January 5 to February 18 of 2009, before a 41.7% gain through August 3 of that year.… Read More …