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Astaldi: A Case For Value Investors


Astaldi (OTC: OTC:ASTLY) is an Italian construction company with annual revenue above 1.12bn USD and a market capitalization of more than 600m USD. The firm exists since the 1920's and was founded by Sante Astaldi, whose ancestors still hold the majority of the company today. Since then, the company was involved in road construction, hydraulic plants and railways. Astaldi built the first high-speed railways in Europe. Its business-lines today include transport infrastructure, water and energy production plants, civil and industrial buildings and plant design and maintenance. The company grew rapidly in the 1990's through acquisitions. Today it is one of the world's 100 most important civil contractors. Astaldi made its debut at the public market in 2002. One of the company's most prestigious projects is the third bridge over the Bosporus connecting the Asian and European part of…