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Peek Inside The Ebola Transport Jet

For a virus that is not airborne, the authorities sure take a lot of precautions to make sure it doesn't enter the common airspace. Well, maybe not when infected nurses fly commercial, but certainly when doctors transport Ebola patients from point A to point B on the world as can be seen in the following documentary of the Ebola transport jet that is used for such purposes.

Pay particular attention to the description of the Hepa air filtration system which is "similar to what the Centers for Disease Control and other research places use in their Level Four laboratories. So that air from the aircraft cabin will enter these filters and go through a filtration process that goes down to even smaller than viruses."

Because Ebola is not airborne?

In any case, our solemn hopes are that this brief video clip is as far as all will get to seeing the inside of the Ebola transport jet.

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