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Hillary Clinton Is Not Marketing Herself Properly

Bernie understood the power of social media. Hillary is hiding from it. She should tackle it head on instead.

I'm going to open this discussion with a sexist statement. Have you ever had an argument with a woman? Women like interaction, they love discussion, but they are passive when it comes to accusations. It's hard for everyone to address their own problems, but with women, to me it has always seemed that they are more about bringing solutions to the the relationship, rather than focusing on who is at fault. 

Now, that is a problem because the way she is playing politics is typical, old-fashioned mud slinging. She is going after things like Donald Trump's temperament, his weaknesses. That doesn't work if you aren't willing to share introspection. And I think a lot of potential voters are seriously put off by it who might otherwise take her side. You have this statement I'm seeing a lot lately that she is the "lesser of two evils". But I think that's largely because she isn't trying to clear away those perceived evils. 

Have you seen this meme? It's all over my Facebook (FB) feed this week:


These four accusations are so widely repeated that I think huge numbers of people believe that they happened in some kind of awful sense, and the fact that Hillary is not talking about any of them is making it that much worse. So Clinton campaign, get these messages out there:

1) She did not "Leak US security secrets". The information that she was accused of transmitting was not marked as classified at the time she sent or referenced it in her personal emails. There is a clause that she signed that "sensitive" information should be treated as classified, but ultimately in the FBI's investigation, nothing that could have harmed the country was leaked. There are allegations that various sources hacked sensitive information those emails, but they have not provided any proof of that.

2) She did not "Get people killed at Benghazi". Terrorists did the killing there. What Clinton took responsibility for was in not providing enough security for the 4 Americans killed. This is a difficult concept to explain to people, in that giving the clearances and additional security that was requested could have actually risked the lives of even more people by drawing attention to their location. She was following protocols. This quote is important in that context: 

"We should never forget that the security professionals get it right more than 99 percent of the time, against difficult odds, because the terrorists only need to get it right once. That’s why, like all my predecessors, I trust the Diplomatic Security professionals with my life."

3) The Primaries were not rigged. Bernie Sanders himself has commented on this. The rules are strict, and he started his campaign later than Hillary did. That put him at a disadvantage in competing for superdelegates that had already pledged support for Hillary. Bernie has commented that the rules are dumb, but he knew those rules going in. 

4) Her enemies are not dying. This one is just nonsense, and it comes from a nearly 20 year old rumor extending from the same rumor that surrounded Bill Clinton when he was running for office. See snopes for more about it here: The rumor is exactly that, it's not true and never has been true. It's just been shared so many times that people accept it.

So why am I taking the time to mention all of this?

I'm not being paid by her campaign, if that's a concern that you have. I just have a real problem with people being accused of things unfairly. Do you remember all of the things I was defending Monsanto (MON) about? I was accused of being a shill for them, but those ended up being very good reasons to embrace GMOs in light of the food poisoning issues that we saw Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) experiencing. There was no benefit to eating organic, and it was actually more dangerous to do it that way. Believing things that aren't true causes people to make irresponsible decisions, and I view Trump potentially being elected one of the most irresponsible of all time.

But in closing, let me at least say this. If you think that there is more truth to these allegations than I am giving you here, then realize that only one of the candidates in that meme above has actual political power and experience. The other just talks a lot. 

Oh. And I still think Monsanto is a great company, and remain long the shares.