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The Simpsons Recreates Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, Pokemon and Many More

In its “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special this year, The Simpsons decided to go all out and reinterpret the characters in a medley of animations and cartoons. At the beginning of the segment, Lisa Simpson ponders the thought of an “evil marketing entity,” recreating them in millions of different incarnations, whereupon the Simpsons family, now rendered in 3D clay, opens their door to a legion of Simpsons who descend upon their house. Included in this array are anime references such as Attack on Titan, Pokemon, One Piece, Bleach and Spirited Away, alongside American cartoons and animations such as Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, Legoand Despicable Me.Watch the segment above and see if you can recognize all of the characters.