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Siri's Co-Creator Unveils a New Personal Assistant Unlike Anything Else

Siri was a game changer when it was first unveiled by Apple in 2011, but since then, AI personal assistants have taken massive leaps forward in language comprehension and the sheer number of tasks they are now built to accomplish. Dag Kittlaus, who had a hand in Siri’s development, recently took to TechCrunch Disrupt NYC to show us just how far we’ve come in that regard with Viv, an AI assistant which aims to be “the intelligent interface for everything.” Showing off its many capabilities over a 20-minute demo, Viv wowed the audience by answering complex natural language questions with aplomb, such as “Will it be warmer than 70 degrees near the Golden Gate Bridge after 5pm the day after tomorrow?” Designed to be multi-platform, Viv will also be able to learn new commands as opposed to using a pre-programmed set of protocols. While Viv seems polished to say the least, there is still currently no word on when we might be able to download it for ourselves.