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Fed Will Announce Interest Rate Hike by Thursday 3/19/2015
17 march 2015

Investors waiting obediently for Big Daddy Fed to speak. (IMG:

They will. They won't. They might. They should. They shouldn't.


Were one to go by the opinion of all the experts available for reading and listening to across the whole political and financial spectrum, you wouldn't be blamed if you had an impulse to tear your hair out in utter confusion. Because .  .  .  yes, it's true, opinions are like eyeballs (gently put), everyone's got em. Myself included.

Do I know what will happen? Yes, I've an opinion. But it ain't that kind of piece here--I want to know what YOU think!

If ever there was an unclear economic picture even for the most optimistic soul on the face of the earth, this is it. Pressures from an extremely strong dollar, an anemic wage market, a generally strong jobs picture nonetheless populated by low paying jobs, a strong stock market tottering on overvaluation, it's a situation requiring the advice of daddy: the Fed.

He'll know what to do, right? He'll fix the situation!!

Wrong--daddy is as confused as we all are. The various members are shuffling into their two day meeting to figure out exactly what we are sitting in the midst of, and exactly how they will respond vis a vis interest rates, which have essentially been zeroed out since the age of the brontosaurus and triceratops. Or at least Those Really Bad Days of Yore.

Short forecast here, folks. Tell us what the next day or two will bring from the lips of the fed. Rate increase announced, or no increase?

Preston Clive


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Fed Will Announce Interest Rate Hike by Thursday 3/19/2015

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