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US Attorney General Has A Message For The American Markets: Beware Of Foreign Spies

Following the arrest of 3 Russians on Wall Street for alleged spying, the message from John Carlin, assistant US attorney general for National Security, is clear, "they want what you have." The "they" are multiple foreign nations spying on the US financial markets and the "what you have" is, according to Carlin, financial markets that are "the envy of the world." As we explained recently, it appears the pretext for the scapegoat of the next possible (June rate hike-inspired?) market crash is being prepared, as Carlin confirms, "it's not just the Russians, there are multiple foreign nations that want to gather as much information about" the stock market as possible. When asked why, his response, "they are doing this for a number of reasons."


Carlin explains... "they want the secrets of how Wall Street works"