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London real estate passes the magic mark where it’s now cheaper to live on a cruise ship than in a London apartment

I went to London about 5 years ago, why anyone would want to deal with living there is beyond me.

As rent in London reaches an all time high, a cruise company has worked out booking onto one of their 120-day round-the-world cruises will cost you around £7 less per day than living in the capital.

Londoner’s on average are shelling out £95.71 per day on their rent, bills, food, travel costs and entertainment, compared to a daily cost of just £88.53 as you cruise around the world.

Yeah – and I could buy a huge house on a giant plot of land in the middle of nowhere.  But I don’t because, like most city dwellers, I can’t *make money* in the middle of no where.

If you have a gig where you can work anywhere you want – this might be feasible.