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This Climate Portal in a Swedish Airport Brings Your Destination's Weather to You

Check the weather in person before you go there.

Ever wondered before embarking on a 13-hour flight halfway across the world about whether you brought the right sort of clothes? If you’re flying from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, you’re in luck as you can physically experience the climate of your destination thanks to a new “Climate Portal,” which is essentially a giant mirrored box with three compartments inside — each compartment simulates the climate of a different destination around the world, as signalled by a TV screen above each of the three doors. Each compartment has a theme: the HOT compartment will transport you to a place like Dubai; COLD will blast you with the icy gales characteristic of the Swedish town of Kiruna in the Arctic Circle; and BIG will drop you in the middle of a megacity such as Hong Kong, with the appropriate urban imagery. Make sure to check out the Climate Portal if you pass through Arlanda Airport’s Terminal 5 between now and the end of this month.

Author: Gavin Yeung