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The Multi Jobs Chronicle

       Three months ago, Jesse Joyce was waiting for a friend at ther office when she saw a job vacancy ad for a ‘proof-reader’. She already has a job as a PR at a big software agency but she remembered how during her youth she had loved working as an editor for her high school magazine. She knew that she could do the job easily and plus she would get to meet her friend more often. Hence after a little enquiry she applied and got the job. Nowadays Jess is juggling two jobs everyday the second which she can work on remotely and which gives her more satisfaction and pleasure than her first job.

Jesse is not alone in her pursuit of two jobs as we see young professionals for whom a single job is no longer defines a career. These enthusiastic workers are changing the professional paradigm as we know it.Hence it is no longer rare to  find a teacher or even an executive making some moolah on th side. It is not something that is encouraged in most organisations but as long as the business of the company is not affected; there are no problems.If you happen to –or plan to- be one of these enthusiastic multitaskers; here are some tips you should consider-

1.  At least one of your jobs should be something that you are passionate about-

Having more than one job that you don’t like is gonna tire you and leave you burnt out at the end of the day. Make sure one of your jobs involves work that you love. There are many people who are turning their hobbies and interests into income generating businesses/jobs.

2.  Give your jobs your 100%-

It is important that you be in good health- both physically and mentally- before you take up a new job.This ensures that you will be able to give your best in whatever project you work on.

3.  Resist the temptation to multitask-

With the current technology it’s easy to work on more than one project/job at a time. But it’s better if you concentrate on one task at a time and more on to the next only after the former has been completed. This will help keep your work organised and efficient.

4.  Save the extra money-

With the having of extra income it’s easy to be tempted to splurge on luxury items but saving it will give you more benefits and happiness long term. You can put the extra income in an investment plan or a savings account and let it grow. Another trending investment is in start-ups- if you know what you’re doing and choose a good startup it can be very profitable.