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Happy Independence Day, America!

As I sit here in my home near Lake Odedavue I have found that I have a perfect observation point of this country. By simply craning my neck around (thus the namesake of this blog) and with the help of my satellite dish and the internet I see so many things going on – some really good, some really bad and some things that just make me scratch my head and say to myself, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

So with this being Independence Day (as opposed to Codependence Day a.k.a. Tax Refund Day) I thought that I would start reporting the things that I have seen, heard and read about As I know that your day is busy, hectic and distracting. Maybe this will save you some time.

First a little about myself:

I’ve retired from what may call ‘normal life’ and live with my girlfriend of 40-odd years (Stephie who is also my wife), 2 cats (Misha and Blue) and my dog (Toro) in a rather large cabin near the shores of the aforementioned lake. We all once live in a large and important city where I had an equally large and important job. I was good at what I did but finally said that it was time for some young buck to take over the reins. With no longer a need for the big and important city we all left in a very comfortable Winnebago travelled around for about a year until we all decided to live here, quietly, peacefully and happily. Being not disturbed and disturbing not anyone.

In my younger years I leaned to the liberal side but when I grew older I leaded more to the conservative right. But as I grew wiser I found that I had become a strange mix of both. Some would call this a libertarian mode. I just call it common sense with a base line that believes that if what you are doing doesn’t harm or negatively effect anyone else but you, you idiot, then you are protected by the Constitution to go ahead – I won’t stop you.

My religion is between my and my deity of choice – no one else.

I, as a male, prefer women. I was born that way.

I loved the country that I grew up in and still see it thrive in many parts of this nation. But politics, government, religious extremist (in every religion) and ‘political correctness’ have all gone out of control and I detest their bullying and fear mongering. These factors have blurred the picture of what is the true America – the Melding (not melting) Pot.

I uphold freedom of speech – you can say any asinine thing you want and I will defend your right to sound foolish. But I will call you on it. Like I know that Black Friday is a business accounting term and not a reference to any person who might have that pigment in their skin.

I may use words that you are unfamiliar with. This is not to insult you or your education level (both academically as well as worldly).   I choose my words as I mean them. I at times consult a dictionary or thesaurus to give the correct intent. There’s no shame in using any reference to better understand what someone has said or written.

But will report on what I see.

I will comment on the political realm. Like all of those currently running for President and currently I see no one fit for the job at all (Where are the Nixons the FDRs and the Reagans?).

I will comment on events that effect people in a specific geographic area. For example, I just read that in California, a state that emphasizes to its’ citizens to conserve energy as much as possible, has allowed the Public Utilities Commission to let the electric companies to raise rates on those who conserve the most. Isn’t that like being punished for good behavior?

And I will comment on the good things that are going on. Acts of kindness are on the upswing. Because that’s who true Americans are – helpful, giving and responsible for others. That’s because, with the exception of the Indian Nations or Native Americans they are called – (but if you where born here, doesn’t that make you a native?) our family trees are rooted someplace else. And with out the help of others we would not be where we are – a great nation.

So that’s the gist of it . You’ll read as I report to you and maybe I’ll write what you are thinking. We’ll start off slow but steady with one report a week and as time goes by and as you want more, I’ll give you more.

Feel free to leave whatever comments you’d like. But a warning to trolls: You don’t exist so your neither do your words.

By the way, I am Alan Archer Crane and I look forward to making clear the news as well as entertaining you with the facts.

Thank you for your time.